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Monitor the COVID-19 in Singapore


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TraceTogether is an app created by the Government of Singapore to help their citizens to monitor and keep up to date on the spread of the Coronavirus. Korea's success story has proven that using technology can be very helpful in mitigating the effects of the virus.

TraceTogether's interface is quite simple and allows citizens to easily enter their data. It should also be noted that these types of apps include pioneering technology with which you can use your Android's Bluetooth to detect if there's a carrier of the virus nearby.

It's also worth noting that the information added by the users is fully encrypted. This feature ensures your anonymity but others are alerted to stay away from certain places.

With TraceTogether, citizens of Singapore can reduce the chances of being infected during this pandemic. Taking advantage of technological resources, each person can install this app on their smartphone to help alert the rest of the population about possible outbreaks.
By Beatriz Escalante